GB 101: Budget Bootcamp

New to budgeting? Never had a budget that really worked? Start with Goodbudget 101, where we’ll walk you through creating a budget you can actually stick with!

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Introduction to Goodbudget 101

In this monthlong course, we’ll show you how to create a budget that works. From creating budget categories and tracking expenses to developing patterns of planning before you spend, you’ll get everything you need to create and maintain a budget that will grow and change with you.

Note for couples: look out for tips to help you get on the same page about money.




Week 1: The Foundation


Get started on your budgeting journey!


Start building the foundation of your budget! Estimate your income and see what you have to work with.


See how you’ve spent in the past so you can make decisions about how you’d like to spend going forward. Take a look now.


Decide what budget works for you! Start with a template and create your rough draft. 


Go deeper on your budget journey with a partner. See how it’s done.


Complete your budget rough draft! 

Week 2: Develop Budgeting Habits


Start setting aside money for the things you plan to spend on. Learn how to fill your Envelopes so the money is ready to go when you need it. 


Start tracking your spending, and build the mental muscles to help you succeed with budgeting.


Build the habit of thinking about your spending every time it happens.

DAY 10

Learn why it’s important to notice our spending before it happens.

DAY 11

Identify needs vs. wants.

DAY 12

Take some time to get caught up! 

Week 3: All About Fun

DAY 13

This week is all about Fun! Because budgets just won’t work unless there’s space for Fun.

DAY 14

Make space for fun spending. So you can live life and still stay on track. 

DAY 15

Go out and make your purchase!

DAY 16

You can spend on fun and stay within your budget. 

DAY 17

Reflect on this week’s experiment with fun!

Week 4: Giving

DAY 18

Practicing gratitude for what we’ve received helps us be generous with others too.

DAY 19

Creating space in our budgets for things we value is important! Be inspired to make space for giving in your budget. 

DAY 20

Brainstorm ways to give to causes you care about. 

DAY 21

Decide on the cause you’d like to give to, and give!

DAY 22

Spontaneity is the spice of life! Be generous when the urge strikes.

DAY 23

We can be generous and stay on track! What did you notice about your giving?

DAY 24

Reflect on this week’s giving experiment! 

Week 5: Look Back & Adjust

DAY 25

We all fall behind on adding our expenses sometimes! When that happens to you, don’t sweat it. Learn how to get caught up.

DAY 26

Life happens, but often we can plan for surprises. What unexpected expenses will you plan for?

DAY 27

Our budgets will change and grow with us! Learn how to tell when it’s time to adjust. 

DAY 28

Let’s acknowledge our budget victories! Take a look back at what you’ve achieved. 

DAY 29

Are you ready to go deeper on your budgeting journey? 

Get Course Emails

This online course is free. Get this course straight into your inbox.

Thank you!

See you in your inbox.